Referral Program

Evidence Strength*:




skills Required: 

Product Design, Service Design, Marketing

Promote your service to new customers using referrals, word of mouth or digital codes.
Quick how-to guide:
  1. Define your conversion goal.
  2. Find the 'advocates' you'll use for referral codes.
  3. Create codes + integrate with analytics.
  4. Send codes to advocates and run for at least 2-3 weeks.
  5. Analyse share rate; friend click through rate; friend conversion rate.
  6. Use learnings to refine a potential referral program.
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*Evidence Strength is the expected value of evidence the experiment will obtain. Measure this against the time/cost estimation to decide which experiments to undertake. Rating is between 1-5 and this is a rough estimate. Your business situation and market is unique. For more help or advice get in touch.