Make sure your next business idea is a success. Use experiments.

Got an idea for an online business? Are you managing a digital or innovation project? Use experiments to ensure success before you invest too much time or money.


Perfect for start-up founders, innovation managers, product and project managers.

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What our users have been saying.

"Using these experiments helped us test a business idea we had, before going all-in with investment. I'm grateful we did..."

David S


"Our product team uses experiments to quickly validate our projects. We choose the easiest validation tools that return the best evidence."

Sara P

Product Manager

"A great resource! Thanks for curating all these tactics. Keep up the good work!"

Johan F

Innovation Manager

Increase the chances of your project being a success by over 90%.

Find the stack you need

Is your idea a Business-to-Business Software idea? Simply browse that particular experiment stack and find some experiments.

Carry out experiments

Run as many experiments as your time and budget will allow. The more you validate the more chance you'll end up with a successful service on the market.

Get product/market fit

Your goal is to reach product/market fit. This means being in a good market with a product that can satisfy that market.