Make sure your next business idea does not fail. Use experiments.

Working on a SaaS or online business idea? Managing a digital or innovation project? Use experiments to validate your project,bing too much time or money.


Perfect for start-up founders, innovation managers, product and project managers.

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What our users say

"Using these experiments helped us test a business idea we had, before going all-in with investment. I'm grateful we did..."

David S


"Our product team uses experiments to quickly validate our projects. We choose the easiest validation tools that return the best evidence."

Sara P

Product Manager

"A great resource! Thanks for curating all these tactics. Keep up the good work!"

Johan F

Innovation Manager

Increase the chances of your project being a success by over 90%.

Try teststack experiments

Find the stack you need

Is your idea a Business-to-Business Software idea? Simply browse that particular experiment stack and find some experiments.

Carry out a simple teststack experiment

Carry out experiments

Run as many experiments as your time and budget will allow. The more you validate the more chance you'll end up with a successful service on the market.

Teststacks to validate your idea

Get product/market fit

Your goal is to reach product/market fit. This means being in a good market with a product that can satisfy that market.