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Welcome! I’m delighted you’ve found my humble web site. Here you’ll find experiments, tools, and much more that will help with your business experiments. We're adding to the stack all the time, so keep coming back!

Who is this site for?

This site is for people who want to build successful digital services or projects. You might be a start-up entrepreneur who is at the idea phase. In that case you want to validate your idea before investing too much time or money. You may be a product manager at an agency or corporation keen to ensure your digital service project will be a success. 

The resources here are useful for a wide range of people including but not limited to:

Why run experiments?

You have an idea and before you invest any substantial money into it, experiments will help validate your idea. The more experiments you can run, the more chance you’ll end up with a success. Remember, experiments can also kill your idea or force you into a pivot, however that’s great news and vital that you’ve gained this knowledge early.

You run experiments to win big with a lot of small bets.

Use the experiments to find all the reasons your idea won’t work!

This may sound slightly counter-productive, but use the smörgåsbord of experimental techniques on this site to find all the reasons your idea won’t work. Turn all the assumptions behind your idea into hypotheses to test using experiments.

Get started - find a stack of experiments just for you...

Jump on in. Browse the collections of experiments, see if you can find one that matches your challenge. Good luck! Don’t forget to let us know your feedback on the site, any stacks or content you'd like to see, or just tell us about the project you're working on.