Online Advert

Evidence Strength*:




skills Required: 

Product Design, Marketing

Use online adverts to display your value proposition to a niche user segment, plus a simple call to action, over a specific time period.
Quick how-to guide:

Most important here is finding target customers. Take time to find the places your target customers are (online) and niche it down as much as possible.  Agree on this beforehand with your group.

  1. Decide the social platforms as mentioned above; define the audience, length and budget for mini campaign.
  2. Create a value statement from your value proposition and make your advert copy from this.
  3. Launch adverts and monitor daily spend, impressions, click through rates and comments + shares.
  4. If your CTR is very low after a period of time, pause and tweak your copy + images. Then run the campaign again.

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*Evidence Strength is the expected value of evidence the experiment will obtain. Measure this against the time/cost estimation to decide which experiments to undertake. Rating is between 1-5 and this is a rough estimate. Your business situation and market is unique. For more help or advice get in touch.