Search Trend Analysis

Evidence Strength*:




skills Required: 

Data analysis, UX research, Marketing

Use search data to perform your own market research, investigate particular interactions and more.
Quick how-to guide:
  1. Decide a geographic area for your analysis.
  2. Decide what tools you will use (Google Trends, Keyword Planner etc).
  3. Make a list of the topics you want to explore. Look for customer jobs, pains, people unhappy with existing services.
  4. Search for phrases related to the topics above.
  5. Take screenshots, export all results.
  6. Gather findings.
  7. Compare problem size v market size; list the search volumes on each problem or topic.
  8. Select the top 3 volume searches you want to explore in further experiments.
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*Evidence Strength is the expected value of evidence the experiment will obtain. Measure this against the time/cost estimation to decide which experiments to undertake. Rating is between 1-5 and this is a rough estimate. Your business situation and market is unique. For more help or advice get in touch.