Wizard of Oz

Evidence Strength*:




skills Required: 

Design, Technology, Legal, Marketing

Use people instead of just tech to deliver value manually. A staged experience hidden from sight to the customer.
Quick how-to guide:

The premise of Wizard of Oz is to stage a customer experience IRL. Your staff on-site will manage the experience but will be invisible to the customers interacting.

  1. Plan all steps to create the service manually
  2. Test the wizard of oz internally first
  3. Conduct the experiment, ensure you're collecting data including satisfaction feedback
  4. Use your findings to help plan your next experiment
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*Evidence Strength is the expected value of evidence the experiment will obtain. Measure this against the time/cost estimation to decide which experiments to undertake. Rating is between 1-5 and this is a rough estimate. Your business situation and market is unique. For more help or advice get in touch.