Get strong evidence test stack

When you want to validate the direction of your idea, get confirmation and strong evidence that you are building something with a good chance of success.

Net Promoter Score

How likely is it that you would recommend this product to a friend or colleague?

The 'Sean Ellis' Test

How disappointed would you be if you could no longer use our product?

Extreme Programming Spike

Explore potential tech or design solutions rapidly.

Split Test

Compare two versions of something. A versus B to determine which performs better.

Validation Survey

Closed-ended questionnaire to a sample of customers about a specific topic.

Single Feature MVP

A functioning MVP with the 1 feature needed to test your assumption.

Mock Sale

Present a sale of your product, without processing any payments.

Wizard of Oz

Use people instead of just tech to deliver value manually. A staged experience hidden from sight to the customer.

Simple Landing Page

Simple web page clearly illustrating your value proposition with a clear call to action.

Clickable Prototype

To rapidly test the concept of your idea/service quickly consider a clickable prototype.


Create a customer experience manually. Use people instead of tech.


A sale made before an item is available for purchase.


Fund your venture by raising small amounts of money from many backers.

Mash Up

A functional MVP that mashes-up several existing services to create value.