B2B2C with B2C test stack

These experiments help B2B2C companies to negotiate with their B2B partners.

Partner Interview

Similar to customer interviews but you're talking to key partners and discussing the activities you cannot or don't want to do in-house.

Buy a feature

Gather 15-20 potential customers, let them use "pretend currency" to inform you what features they would like.

Online Advert

Use online adverts to display your value proposition to a niche user segment, plus a simple call to action, over a specific time period.

Explainer Video

Short video, explain your business/service in a simple, engaging way.

Simple Landing Page

Simple web page clearly illustrating your value proposition with a clear call to action.


Create a customer experience manually. Use people instead of tech.


A sale made before an item is available for purchase.

Customer Interview

Creating successful customer or user interviews is a critical skill.

Data Sheet

A one page sheet with the specifications of your value proposition. Just pure data about the product.